ViaBuff Body

About Face Skin Care

$ 19.99
ViaBuff Body
Machine Washable

Unlike other buffs, ViaBuff® can be put in your washing machine. This means you can always use a clean buff on your skin!


ViaBuff®’s rare level of customization makes it the perfect relief for your unique skin conditions. From ingrown hairs to psoriasis, ViaBuff® can fit perfectly into your skin care routine.

Patented Innovative Design

Our patented design gently buffs away dullness and dead skin cells, leaving skin perfectly prepared for your favorite serum or moisturizer with more effective results.

Longer Lasting

Made of durable high-tech foam, each buff lasts a minimum of 90 days; That’s 3 times the life of the average drug store loofah.

Use Less Product

The open cell structure of our patented moisture loving foam creates a strong lather which limits water retention and wastes less product.

More Surface Area

The ViaBuff® Body has over 1,200 square inches of usable surface area for a more efficient exfoliation experience. With 60% more surface area than your average buff, ViaBuff® leaves your skin noticeably smoother after just one use.