Skinade (30 day course)

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$ 165.00
Skinade (30 day course)

Skinade™ - the anti-ageing collagen drink that boosts your natural collagen production improving the way your skin looks in as little as 30 days.

Each 15ml (0.5 FL OZ) sachet contains exactly the same level of essential nutrients as your normal 150ml (5 FL OZ) bottle of skinade. It’s just travel sized, so you can take skinade in your hand luggage. Just stir the contents of the sachet into half a glass of cold water and drink. Both products provide a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced anti-ageing skincare products available.

skinade™ does not contain bovine or porcine products, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMO), artificial flavors or artificial colors.